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  • Worried about the safety of an older adult?
  • Need to talk to an expert in aging and elder care?
  • Looking for local support resources that fit your needs and budget?

We can help! You don’t have to do this alone.

As Aging Life Care™ Managers, we understand older adults and their special needs. We also understand the needs and limits of caregiving families.

We’re just a phone call away!

Let us help you address your concerns specific to the coronavirus, or more general concerns such as memory issues, driving worries, or the safety of a loved one’s living situation. We even assist with planning for future housing and elder care needs so you know what the options are and the likely costs.

Schedule a free 15 minute get-acquainted call

Let’s talk about your specific situation, your top concerns and then determine which of our services is likely the best fit for your needs.

Telephone consultations

Some clients just need a phone call to discuss an immediate problem. We can do that through a prepaid phone consultation. Most clients start with a 15 minute free get-acquainted call. But if we’ve already done that and you are ready to delve into the problem-solving, here is where you can schedule and pay for an hour-long call so we can answer your questions and help you resolve the issue:

Schedule a 60-minute initial consultation ($90)

Please review our payment, refund and cancellation policies below before you schedule and pre-pay for your appointment.

We look forward to talking with you!

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Proactive planning

While you may be a fairly healthy older adult now, perhaps you recognize that this could change quickly. Rather than be caught unawares, you would prefer to have a plan in place:

  • If you ended up in the emergency room unexpectedly, who would be there to support you?
  • As you think about your parents’ elderhood, what do you want to do differently?
  • Perhaps you have no children—or don’t want your children burdened with caregiving responsibilities—what are your options for care and how much will that cost?

We have programs to help you plan ahead so your later years unfold the way you want them to—at least within the parts that can be controlled!

Schedule a free 15 minute get-acquainted call to learn more

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Documents and policies

Helpful documents for collecting key information.

Please be sure you understand our policy about refunds and required notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

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